IG: Enter caption here. FB: What's on your mind right now?

Most of the time, this follows an awesome picture of someone posing, having a good time, out celebrating, half naked, looking sexy AF! Usually, it's motivational jargon letting you know you got this and you are capable of more!

Don't get me wrong I've done this before (maybe even last week). To be honest a lot of the time I feel like I post it because I want to let MYSELF know that I got this and that I'm capable of more. It's why I'm bringing this up! I listen to a lot of Podcasts : Seth Godins AKIMBO, Aubrey Marcus, Carl Paoli's "The Freestyle Way", HECK! Even Oprahs SuperSoulful Conversations has made it to my favorites. It's easy to capture a good quote from them and regurgitate it to your followers.  My question is are you really walking the walk or are you trying to keep up? 

Instagram and other social media platforms were meant to be used as "Social" platforms.

Now over 3 Billion people are using IG & FB yet we feel less connected than ever.

  • Users are struggling to find their identity because they are drowned with thousands of images of the lavish lifestyles and pain free living others have!
  • We struggle with self worth, the standard is now set by how we how many followers we have and use it as a measure to compare ourselves with others.
  • We crave acceptance!  How many likes, views, and comments we get is how we feel accepted. I've caught myself checking my phone just to see if I'm getting likes! How ridiculous, yet, I'm not the only one dealing with it. I'm just glad I'm aware of it.
  • Not to mention, the overwhelming emotions that appear when you seem to be like the only one going through a tough time. *HIDE YO KIDS!!

Being in Control

I'm sure you've heard that we are constantly taking hits of dopamine (the pleasure chemical) released in our bodies every time we have a pleasant or rewarding interaction. Unfortunately, this chemical works just like a drug, we can become addicted to it. This addiction can create anxiety and stress if we don't get enough of it. Here, social media becomes a game (Enter the viscous cycle): What do I need to do, post, or say to win at this game? How do I win to consistently get my fix of dopamine.  Luckily, there are those who have it right. Instagram doesn't define them, it isn't their only source of revenue, and it isn't a past time to play stalker on your ex. Really it comes down to being in control, being aware, and making the choice.

SO What's on my mind right now? Whats my caption?

Use these communication tools for what they are... COMMUNICATION TOOLS! Don't do it for the likes and the sweet, sweet dopamine. Create, share, and support something that you've "Learned to love and love to learn". Build real relationships, especially if they're local. Just remember some people don't actually "Want To connect". But you do, you want to make a real change and it starts here.